Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cloth Diapering: It Begins!

When Mr. T and I found out we were preggo, we began having conversations sporadically about things like co-sleeping, pacifiers, and cloth diapering. Oddly enough, because I'd never fully committed to having kids, I'd never really considered all of the options out there for how and when and where and why to raise a child.

Mr. T was very anti-pacifier (pro thumb), in favor of co-sleeping, and most definitely down with cloth diapering. I'm a big believer that you can get rid of a pacifier, but a thumb is forever, and in Israel there are a lot of kids pushing 10 years old that are still sucking their thumbs, so I made my opinions on this clear from the start. Co-sleeping scared the daylights out of me because I'm a pretty messy and aggressive sleeper because I simply don't sleep well. Covers on, covers off, covers on the floor, pillows here, there, and everywhere ... the thought of having a baby in bed with me just horrified me. But cloth diapers, that was something we could agree on.

(Note: Since the baby was born, of course, everything has gone out the window. Ash is trying to suck his thumb and we're waiting with breath bated for him to figure it out, because he won't take a pacifier. I've been co-sleeping since our first night in the baby hotel because he won't sleep alone, and so far he's still alive and well.)

Having lived in Colorado, I became a bit of a hippie, what with my then-vegan diet and frequenting farmers markets for the best in organic groceries. Cloth diapers just made sense to me, what with saving the planet and saving bucket-loads of money.

I began researching and researching and, overwhelmed with the dozens of different types of cloth diapers, I decided to think about it later, and then later became, oh man the baby is coming in a few weeks. In the meantime while trying to not think about cloth diapers, I got in touch with a few diaper companies like Charlie Banana and Bubi (review forthcoming) to see about trying their products out, as well as a local gemach to borrow some different cloth diaper brands to try out.

The kind folks at Charlie Banana sent me two sizes: One Size and XS. 

Of the few that we've tried out so far (mostly because what we have don't fit the wee one just yet), we're loving Charlie Banana, which are known as pocket snap diapers in the lingo, because they have a pocket in which you put an absorbent pad and the diaper closes with snaps. The nice thing about these is that you can add in more than one pad at a time in case you have quite the pisher and the snaps can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the baby. We've also noticed, in a short time using this brand, that they get clean much better than other brands that hold quite colorful stains. And, come on now, the designs are unbelievably creative and unique, and who doesn't want their baby to have a bit of fashion around the bum, eh?

Although a lot of people advise against purchasing newborn or XS diapers because your baby might grow out of them and/or it's a bit easier to use disposables in the first few months because of how frequently your baby is going to go through diapers, there's been something nice about at least having the one XS Charlie Banana that fits Ash like a glove. Mr. T is quite fond of Charlie Banana, and I'm guessing there will be a larger purchase of the cute nappies once we're stateside.

Are you cloth diapering? Do you have brands that you love or would recommend? 


  1. We LOVE cloth diapering! Just recently, our LO was out of cloth while I recovered from having my gallbladder out (my MIL didn't want to have to worry about cloth). It was SO expensive, in just a few days!

    Our stash is mainly Grovia AI2s (shells with snap in liners made of organic cotton). Pros - organic cotton, don't need to change the shell all the time, work really well (almost never leak)! Cons - on the pricier side, cotton takes longer to dry and stains easier. We also have a few of their AIOs, and newborn-sized, but I didn't get my act together until my daughter had already outgrown them.

    At daycare, she uses BumGenius Freetime (AIO) and 4.0 (pocket). They hold a bit more "liquid" which is good because she might not get changed as often. Also, I think fleece/synthetic fibers get stains out better... I really notice it now that she's on solids. Sunning makes a HUGE world of difference, so definitely try that if you have stains.

    We also have a few Fuzzibunz that were gifted to do us. They're just okay. I found that the sized versions work pretty well, but the OS ones leaked A LOT for us after about 12 weeks old.

    Random Jewish-related cloth diaper thing - on three-day yontif-Shabbat extravaganzas, I usually use a shell with a disposable liner on the first day. That way, cloth diapers aren't sitting for more than 2 days (I have found washing every other day works best).

    Wow, I have a lot to say on cloth diapers :)

  2. Try a flavored pacifier. My niece loves these BPA free ones on Amazon that are vanilla flavored.

  3. We didn't have such fancy diapers in my day. We needed diaper pins with American diapers and could "wrap" the Israeli ones. Diaper liners were helpful.

  4. Congratulations to you and your husband! Asher is such a lovely baby!! And thank you for sharing your birth story: I went through a lot of the same stuff than you did. Luckyly around here (in Finland) first time parents can apply for a family room so that the hubby can stay with you. After a long labour, I had to have a c-section also. I had a bad infection so I had to stay in the hospital for almost 6 days. I really didn't like it... Take plenty of time for yourself to recover and heal! it took quite a while for me to get back to normal after a traumatic birth experience. About the cloth dipers: make sure you wash them with the right kind of laundry soap, I did some damage to mine because I didn't know that all laundry soaps don't work with cloth dipers. Best wishes

  5. Your most economical option for cloth diapering is picking up about 36 or so prefolds and about 6 or so covers. Some covers (like the thirsties snap kinds) come in 2 sizes- first size fits from like 0-6 months and the next size (since kids tend to get longer instead of wider) until like 24 months and beyond.

    You can get everything literally everything for about $150. I'd also invest another $30 for a diaper sprayer. That thing is a GAME. CHANGER. We no longer have stink issues since we've started using one. Also if you have a high efficiency front loader washer, i highly recommend throwing in a yukky towel that you wet down with water with your dipes to make sure there's enough water to get them clean. I am very much not a fan of microfiber- as as it gets older it tends to hold on to stink no matter how much you strip/clean/wash it.

    Personally my favorites are goodmamas but those are spendy!! ANd also require covers.

  6. Good luck with that, especially if you ever have more than one kid at a time in diapers. I agree with the late Erma Bombeck--I won't give up disposable diapers, but I'm willing to do without other disposable goods. Like instead of using Styrofoam cups, they can pour the boiling hot water into my two cupped hands.

  7. We love Charlie Banana as well! My daughter is super teeny, so she fit into the XS diapers for months. I'm not sure how big Asher is, but for us, they were definitely worth it! We also use Kawaii Baby, which she started to really be able to fit into without those dreaded leg-hole leaks when she was about 10 lbs. We still do disposables at night because I find my daughter tends to get diaper rash if she sits in a wet CD for too long. Good luck! It's a bit more work, but if you're up for it cloth diapering saves tons of money. You should look for diaper co-op groups in Israel that would be willing to send you a couple of other types of diapers that you can try out!