Top 10 Things to Do While in the LuLaRoe Queue

Waiting in the LuLaRoe Queue? Make it worth your while! Here are 10 things to do while you're waiting in the LuLaRoe Queue and a few things not to do! Also, note that LuLaRoe consultants are now called LuLaRoe Retailers! Ready? Here we go!

Here are 10 things you can do while you wait!

1. Create a Facebook Business Page
Here's your first pro tip: On Facebook, there are three types of spaces:
  • Facebook Page: These are for organizations, business, and brands. 
  • Facebook Groups: These are for like-minded folks to participate in active conversations with one another. 
  • Facebook Profile: This is your personal profile that you share with friends and families. 
I recommend that every LuLaRoe retailer have a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group for her VIP sales. The Facebook Page is nice because you can purchase ads, run easy giveaways with winner pickers through a free service like WooBox, and more. A Facebook Group is limited to just those who are in it, so your reach can be difficult at times. Make sure you go through the process of creating custom vanity URLs for your Facebook Page and Group, as well! Nobody likes to visit 

Another pro tip? Don't hashtag on Facebook. Just don't. 

2. Design Business Cards
You can use one of the LuLaRoe sites, Etsy, or make your own design in Canva, Sketch, or on a site like VistaPrint or Moo. If you design your own, you won't have access to the backend assets just yet, but if you'd like some help with images, just let me know!

3. Brainstorm Your Marketing Plan
You don't have to go crazy, but I recommend thinking through your marketing plan. Your most vital locale for selling online will be Facebook. But where else will you market? Who are you going to market to? How are you going to market to them? Are you going to use Facebook only? Twitter? Instagram? SnapChat? Periscope? YouTube? Will you post your sales on Craigslist or other local forums? Make lists with actionable items that will help you succeed! Create accounts and start getting your branding in order. 

4. Make a List of Places to Hold Pop-Ups 
Think about fundraisers you might want to have and where you'd like to have them. Consider local businesses that have spaces for popups like churches, synagogues, social halls, coffee shops, and the like. Create a spreadsheet with all of their contact info, hours, and more for easy access when you're ready to start hauling your inventory around!

5. Research Vendor Events
There are tons of vendor events going on at all times, whether it's a pre-Easter fair or a summer festival at your favorite park. Most of these festivals and vendor fairs offer opportunities for a booth or setup that will allow you to share your LuLaLove with potential customers.

6. Get Crazy on Pinterest
Did you know that Pinterest is one of the hottest spots on the web right now for women ages 25 to 34? Most of these women are Millennial moms interested in fashion, DIY, cooking, home decor, and shopping. People go there to get ideas for styling tips, outfits, and more, but they also go there to shop. It's a powerful way to drive people to your Facebook Group! Create boards, pin the heck out of LuLaRoe style tips, and link back to your Facebook Group. Pro tip: Don't hashtag on Pinterest. 

7. Make a Master LuLaRoe Startup Shopping List
I didn't do this when I started, and I ended up buying things sort of willy nilly, so I recommend making a huge list of all the things you'll need to buy to get started. There are a ton of lists floating around the web, but I'll give you my rundown:
  • Hangers (Costco is your cheapest, best bet for these)
  • In-Home Racks/Storage (I use Prince Hanger for my clothes and displaying leggings)
  • Label Printer (I didn't buy one of these right away and regretted it. Get the Dymo!)
  • Laptop
  • Camera (Your phone will quickly not do the things it needs you to do)
  • Wi-Fi Memory Card (You take a picture, it goes straight to your computer. It's genius, and I'm lazy. It's so perfect!)
  • Tripod + Lighting Kit (I didn't buy my lighting kit right away and SO regretted it. I'm now taking tons of photos over again and they're selling like hot cakes because they look so much better)
  • Poly Mailers (These make shipping a breeze.)
  • Hanger Sizing Markers (So few retailers use these and I think that's a shame. These add a huge amount of class and ease for in-home shoppers)
  • Ponytail Bands (If you're going to roll your leggings, these are a must!)
  • Thank You Stickers (They're simple, but they make such a difference to your customers.)
8. Get Your Business in Order
Talk to your accountant, apply for a business license (LLC if you want), talk to your bank and open a business banking account, get a tax ID number (EIN), and all the other things that make your business a business. 

9. Sign Up for Social Media Scheduling Site/App
I like to use Buffer, and it makes running a VIP sale or participating in multi sales a breeze. You can schedule posts with images, giveaways, and more, to make things run more seamlessly. If you really want to spring for something amazing, go for Sprout Social and (instagram scheduling). 

10. Make Connections and Ask Questions!
Get to know other LuLaRoe retailers, ask questions, use your sponsor and make sure that you are confident and clear on everything. If you're not sure about how something works or what you tools or processes you need, just ask. Participate in the Queue Club webinars and make sure that you're in a good place so that the moment you get your on boarding call you are 100 percent ready to go!

Things NOT to Do While You're Waiting in the Queue

  • Do not book popups. You aren't an official retailers yet, you don't have inventory, so don't start booking anything because life is uncertain and timelines are uncertain!
  • Do not sign up for multi-retailer sales or loops. Again, you aren't an official retailer yet, you don't have inventory, so don't commit yourself to something you can't deliver on yet. 
  • Do not sign up for a million LuLaRoe VIP groups. Once you're selling, you won't want the noise around, so start un-joining those groups now! Clean slate = your VIP success.
  • Do not sign up for BST/ISO groups. As a retailer, your participating in these groups violates your contract. Also? They're just not great places to be. There's a lot of negativity, price gouging by unicorn hunters, and just general badness. Walk away, bless, and release!