Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feed me Bubbe!

Oh my gosh I just discovered this website and wow. It's a show where Avrom and his bubbe answer viewer emails, give recipes, do some cooking demos, offer up a Yiddish word of the day, and more. Amazing! Check it out by clicking on the link: Feed Me Bubbe!

A nod to the telethon over on, where I happened upon the link to this nifty website. I watched the telethon tonight (well, a few hours of it) and was moved (to donate even) by the various personalities, stories, and videos that were featured that showed really what Chabad does for the community. I was, in particular, moved by how a camp out in California fed, housed and helped firefighters during the forest fires that raged recently. They brewed coffee, offered beds, fed, and gave comfort and encouragement to dozens (hundreds?) of firefighters and other personnel. That, folks, is tikkun olam -- making the world a better, brighter place than how it appeared when each of us began our paths here, getting us a little bit closer to that state of peace. If you missed the telethon, check out the ToLife website for some clips of the show, as there were lots of great acts, shticks, and of course -- OODLES of dancing rabbis!