Social Media/Web Consulting

Rumor has it you've heard that I do Social Media work, that I'm a Social Media Maven, and you're wondering what exactly that means, right?

Well, it means that I'm qualified to help businesses, schools, and nonprofits out with the things listed below as well as just about anything else that falls under "BRANDING" or "SOCIAL MEDIA." Ultimately, I represent a social media strategy and marketing consultancy focusing on helping clients create and extend their product and brand strategies by building virally engaging marketing solutions (in International Class 35).
  • Social Media Policy planning, creation, and explanation with implementation for any type of organization or business, from schools to nonprofit organizations.
  • Consulting on branding and re-branding.
    • This includes developing the five necessary aspects of a successful brand:
      • Name
      • Key Visual or Brand Logo
      • Tagline
      • Unique Selling Point
      • Brand Integrity
  • Social Media Consulting on projects, long-term plans, or full-time.
    • This includes creating, implementing, and maintaining Social Media spaces on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, FourSquare, Blogging platforms, and so on. 
    • This includes using SEO tools to find and follow pertinent individuals and business in order to build an online community for interaction and feedback.
  • Training individuals in your office or organization in Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, FourSquare, and so on.
  • Speaking to any size group in the nonprofit or corporate world on the purpose and efficacy of Social Media for any brand -- both from my personal success at branding and my professional success with organizations in developing and launching brand activities online. 
And you're wondering: Can Chaviva -- the Kvetching Editor-- consult with me on my upcoming project, pitch, or business venture?

The answer: Shoot me an email and see what I can do for you, and if I can't help you, I can send you in the direction of someone who can. Just give it a go, and we'll figure something out.

Looking for my resume?: Find it here.