Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stay tuned!

I can't help but share the daily thought from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe from Chabad.org. It's Jewish related, but it's also a departure (yet again) from all things Jewish in this blog. But it's absolutely profound and meaningful to me. The relationship of man with G-d epitomizes the relationship of me with the man I love and have loved for nearly three years. Those close to the situation are wary of the outcome at this point, but only because of the pulling and running. But for those who understand the relationship with G-d, perhaps too those can understand the relationship of all-consuming love.
Dance With the Other
As a mother and the baby she holds in her arms, as a father and child, as two in courtship or in marriage, so we are with Him. One chases, the other runs away. One runs away, the other chases. One initiates, the other responds. The other initiates, the one responds. It is a dance, a game, a duet that plays as surely as the pulse of life.
Until one falls away and becomes estranged. Then the other looks and says, "This is not an other. We are one and the same." And so, they return to each other's arms once again.
It is a great mystery, but in estrangement, there is found the deepest bond.
In other news, there will be Torah commentary this week, as well as a bit on the book I've been reading and hope to finish regarding the reach of the Holocaust into Arab lands. I've sort of fallen off the wagon of study, and am hopping back on now that I'm in the process of putting things together and moving along.

Basically, faithful readers, please stay tuned!