Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday arrives, and yes, it's Web time.

I feel like I had a fight with a hardwood floor -- and lost. My left knee is absolutely killing me today. I was trying to figure out what I'd done to make it ache (it's always on the inside of the knee, too), and eventually I remembered: Yesterday at work I was all crouch-happy pulling out and plugging in cords in one of the professors' offices while the furniture men put together a new desk et al. Sigh. So that's what I get today.

Unrelated but significant: I'm trying to figure out how I missed this book -- Choosing to be Jewish: The Orthodox Road to Conversion -- which I discovered today on the books that Avi put up on Here, this whole time I'd thought there was no Orthodox text on conversion and bam! Here it is. Color me relieved. However, I can't seem to find it at any of the local Borders, so it looks like (and indirectly will be getting my business. In other book news, today, I started reading The Earth is the Lord's: The Inner World of the Jew in Eastern Europe by Abraham Joshua Heschel. There are some pretty poignant things he wrote in the first few chapters that I want to post, but not just now. I'd like to finish the whole thing (it's a mere 100 some pages) before posting anything up here.

And finally, in completely unrelated news but somehow still worth tapping out, I realized while walking home from the tea shop today that just about everything I do is fodder for a blog post -- be it here, at or on my other personal blog. I sort of have a thought, then build on it, create a first-line post for a blog, then hope the rest comes to me, and then catalog it to whichever blog is most appropriate. I suppose I could build 20 different blogs for all my thoughts, since sometimes the mundane doesn't fit anywhere. I suppose it's worth mentioning then, that my old Livejournal I once had is now a dumping ground for poems and weird dreams I've been having. Thus, I guess in a way, you could say I'm sporting the facade of a four-course blogger at the moment.

There's just too much in this box-like head of mine to be kept merely to fleeting thoughts, and it's frustrating. Incredibly frustrating. And that's probably why I have so many different blogs and posts and thoughts that end up across the Interweb.

Thanks for stopping by, and for putting up with my (probably seemingly self-indulgent) posts.