Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Denver, I Sing of Thee!

Denver is ... outstanding.

There is so much about this town that blows my mind, and it makes me remember my kind, patient, and thankful Nebraska roots. People here are unbelievably polite, friendly, and will talk to you about just about anything, but not in that creepy big-city way. No, people here are normal. Really normal. Laid-back normal, and I love it.

As I have gotten to know the Jewish community here, I've learned how tight-knit and proud they are to live in Denver. Yes, we might only have a deli, a pizza place, and a bakery, but it's all good. They make do. In fact, there are FroYo places and even an ice cream place that are kosher. And for me, it's beyond easy to find all of my favorite gluten-free products.

Here, I want for nothing.

I'm very tossed about my hair-covering, but I'm growing it out right now and it's growing rapidly, so hopefully, within no time, I'll have hair with which to re-do. I have two jobs -- I'm the Social Media Manager for Jewster.com, an awesome Jewish dating site that you can read about (and comment please) here, as well as work for two local Jewish agencies. So I have parnassah.

I've found my favorite coffee shops, figured out where the Target, Lane Bryant, Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond are, and of course I've located the library (which is a quick walk from my apartment). My mirpeset (balcony) is still empty of lawn furniture, but with snow coming on Wednesday, I think I'll survive.

Did I mention that even when it's cold here it's still hot? The sun is quite close.

When I get up and leave my apartment each day (after all, who can work at home), I see the mountains -- the beautiful mountains, often snow-capped. I say to no one in particular, "Eizeh yofi!" And imagine HaShem laying down a large blanket over the ridges and bumps of land because that is what I conjure up.

I'm happy, excited, and feeling at home for the first time in a long time. Stay tuned for a video of the new digs. I can't help but let you all in on my new life!