Friday, July 19, 2013

Congrats Haters!

Oh hater mail, oh hater mail!
How silly are your queries!

Seriously. I try really hard not to go all grumpfest with the haters on my anonymous question-asking series, Ask Chaviva Anything, but essentially since I revealed Mr. T to the world, someone has decided to make it their #1 priority to devote a bunch of unnecessary time and energy to making me feel like a fat, whiny, ugly, horrible person who has surely ruined Mr. T's life.

I have to wonder what kind of people are so miserable that they have to devote even an ounce of energy to making someone else who is having a rough time of it feel this bad.

So bravo!

Mission accomplished, haters of the world!

Yeah, I'm fat -- man, I'm HUGE (shamu, as one hater has called me) -- and yes, I whine, because I'm a horrible, miserable person with nothing better to do but come online and kvetch.

And yes, it appears that Mr. T's life has gotten a whole lot more miserable since I joined the party. No need to poll innocent bystandards on this one.

It would appear that I am the source of all of the misery of the world, so let me remove myself as hastily as possible. How would you like me to go exactly? Please feel free to reply anonymously, of course.

Your wish is my desire, haters. You win.