Monday, November 16, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Pereg Gourmet Goodies

EDIT: In an attempt to take a night off from cooking dinner and cleaning up afterward, I asked the husband to make dinner. He did, making a nice tuna bake, but he took the fusilli pasta out of the giveaway box. Sigh. Husbands. Sorry, it'll be two boxes of the macaroni/elbow-style pasta.

If you've ever heard of KosherFest, you know that it is the biggest event where you can get the most amazing kosher food samples on the planet. But if you've ever tried to go, you probably also know that it's an industry event and you have to be media or a buyer/seller to get there. Well, lucky for you, even though I didn't go this year, I did get some delicious samples from Pereg Gourmet's gluten-free line to try and give away!

The products I received (and that one lucky winner will also receive) are:

  • Quinoa with Lemon & Herbs
  • Quinoa: Southern Style
  • Quinoa Pasta: fusilli
  • Quinoa Pasta: Elbow/Macaroni x 2
  • Pistachio Mix (topping for salads, mashed potatoes, and more)
The quinoa mixes could use a bit more salt and pepper, but that's an easy fix and I tend to be a bit of a salt fiend. The pastas are really impressive and hold up well with cooking and reheating, even. I was really happy with them. The pistachio mix is also really versatile, and it was delicious on top of mashed potatoes (which I've been eating a lot of lately for some reason). I had also requested a box of their new quinoa-based gluten-free cereal, but, unfortunately, they never sent it so I didn't get to enjoy it. I have to assume it's pretty delicious, however. 

All you have to do to enter is COMMENT on this blog post, letting me know what your favorite Pereg Gourmet product is or which product you'd most love to try. 

One lucky winner will receive all the goodies in the picture and list above. Just comment by 11:59 MST on Thursday, November 19, 2015.