Thursday, June 2, 2022

Aliyah Part Deux: We Are Finally Moving Home

 It's been a while blog readers, but I've got some big ... nay ... huge news. 

Around this time in 2012, I decided to make aliyah to Israel. I sold everything, packed three suitcases, and moved in October 2012 to Nachlaot, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Jerusalem. 

A few months later, I met the man I'd marry (December 2012). 

A few months after that, we got married (February 2013).  

Many months later, we had our eldest child, Asher (December 2013). 

Then, unfortunately, for many reasons (chief among them my father's illness), we moved back to the states in April 2014. Our goal? To move back before Asher entered kindergarten (i.e., mid-2019). 

Obviously, life happens. Pandemics happen. Everything happens in HaShem's time and on HaShem's timeline. I accepted that a long time ago. 

And now? Now is the time. Everything is right. We are finally heading back to Israel!

It's not technically aliyah, because we are all citizens of Israel. But it feels like aliyah. We've been gone for more than eight years and the country has changed so much. We're moving to a new build in Ramat Bet Shemesh because I can't return to the Gush (I have my reasons, which I may explain someday). I'm keeping my amazing job at Bizzabo, which has HQ in Tel Aviv. Mr. T is interviewing with some solar companies. The kids are registered for school. There is so much moving and happening!

Are we ready? Yes! Am I anxious and nervous? Yes! Are the kids stoked? Absolutely! Is our home packed up and on its way to Israel? Yes!