Saturday, December 16, 2006

On this day in history.

Every now and again I like to post famous and infamous events of this day in years past. Today, on the Jewish calendar, is the 25th of Kislev. This day is known as the first day of Chanukah, but also is the day in which Cain killed his brother, Abel, in 3720 BCE.

Additionally, England passed its Bill of Rights in 1689 and the Boston Tea Party was in swing in 1773. In 1937, two men escaped Alcatraz by boat, never to be seen again. Those two men were Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe. And in 1942, Heinrich Himmler ordered that all Roma -- or gypsies -- should be sent to the death chambers at Auschwitz. Finally, in 1991, the U.N. rescinded it's 1975 ruling that Zionism equated racism.

In 1770, Ludwig von Beethoven was born, bringing an ultimate talent to the world of classical music. In 1980, Col. Sanders of chicken fame died on this day and in 2005, John Spencer -- known best probably as Leo McGarry on West Wing -- passed away.

Today is independence day in Kazakhstan, a country that has recently made us all curious about its traditions and lifestyle. In South Africa, today is the national Day of Reconciliation -- a day for all races to foster reconciliation. It was implemented in 1994 after Apartheid ended.

Ahh, time. You are filled with so much and fly so very quickly. I'll tie this up with one of my favorite groups singing one of my favorite songs. If you haven't gotten the LeeVee's album, there is STILL TIME!!!