Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Un moment.

From Chabad.org to me to you on this fine yet snowless day (at least where I am) as everyone prepares for faux resolutions and a fresh start:

Don't Just Stand There
You have to keep moving forward. As long as you’re holding on to where you were yesterday, you’re standing still.
From the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; rendered by Tzvi Freeman.


As for my thoughts on Christmas? The holiday I "celebrated" for the first 20 odd years of my life? I really don't have any. I stand by my frustration that it's a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus, a Jew, even though pretty much every biblical scholar knows he wasn't born during this time of year. It seems sort of fake in that respect, to me, and that just rubs me the wrong way. Then again, a holiday should mean what you choose it to mean, I suppose. Either way, the only thing I like about Christmas is that it inspires folks to put up lights and oftentimes it snows. Lights and snow. But those are two things I can have with Chanukah, so you won't hear any whining on this end.

The nice thing about D.C., though, is that everything isn't shut down today. Amen for that. I got my Chinese food (Kung Pao chicken!) and can safely say I'm content.

So there we are.