Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh! Nuts!

A kind fellow over at Oh!Nuts contacted me not too long ago to see if I was interested in some of the goods over at the Oh!Nuts internet super amazing nutshop, and of course I was eager and said yes. I'm a sucker for those delicious sugar-coated almonds that you can find fresh at fairs and in holiday scenescapes in quaint localities. I also happ'd upon some yummy looking Chanukah treats.

So a mere few days later in the mail came some Cinnamon Almonds, Sweet and Salty Cashews, and some sweet Chanukah gelt. Talk about Chanukah come early! I even fashioned this very artsy photo for the viewing audience to get a good look at the merchandise. And the great thing about the cashews? I've never experienced the sweet and salty mix like this before, and I'll tell you it's a pleasant surprise to the tastebuds.

On the left, I give you the Cashews, and on the right, the Almonds. 

I'll admit, the almonds and cashews took me back to a sweeter time (bada ching!) in my life when my family used to hit up craft shows in the agricultural building on the State Fair campus back in Nebraska. They also reminded me a bit of ages-old treks to Silver Dollar City down in the Ozarks. For me, something as simple as some candied nuts made me remember home. And I'm not trying to sell a product at this very moment, I'm conveying a message -- the message of food as memory.

But because I am writing about something I managed to get probably because of my blog readership and ability to extend the hand of awesomeness, I will say one little thing to appeal to my Kosher-loving audience: These gems, and as far as I can tell everything on the site, are Kosher certified. And to make things more awesome? They have actual retail stores in Monsey, Boro Park, Flatbush and Cedarhurst. Unfortunately, I haven't been to any of those enclaves, but I can imagine their store is probably hard to go into without buying SOMETHING. And if you're not down with candied nuts or chocolate, then you must at least pick up some dried fruits or examine their baskets to send to someone ELSE for some kind of upcoming holiday (oh, say, Chanukah?).

I mean, if you can't partake in the goodies, you might as well ship them off to someone else, right?

Anyhow, enjoy the foods that make you remember, and for the love of Moses, treat yourself to something nice already, okay? I mean, eat something, already! You look so thin!