Friday, April 17, 2009

Bells will be Ringing.

You know the moment I get engaged I'm going to be all over the Jewish Wedding Network.

Yes, you, the viewing/reading audience will be able to watch the entire, painful process of me planning my future, someday, maybe wedding. I promise I won't be a bridezilla.

But since the Omer Count is in full swing, you won't be seeing any engagements any time soon. 

No pressure, Tuvia. (Insert winky face here!) I bet your mom and other relatives who are reading this are wondering why on Earth I am blogging about this. Well, the infinitely talented Sara over at PopJudaica recently started the Jewish Wedding Network site and I think it's absolutely MARVELOUS. It's a resource, a blog, a place to find vendors, and more. Now I just have to hook up my girls at Quite Like It -- a stellar invitation/card/etc. start-up -- with the Jewish Wedding Network.

Go check out both sites, but defiitely the JWN since there are giveaways this week! Be sure to enter by Sunday night!