Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm one of the Top Influential Twitterers!

Slap me silly and call me flattered. Maybe I should say I'm Flittered. That's Flattered+Twittered. Is coining a new Twitter phrase that easy? You join Twitter, you tweet, you are in the Twitterverse, exploring the Twittersphere, and your pals are the Twitterazi or Twits. So let's see if Flittered catches on, and if it does, maybe my celebrity will grow even more!

At any rate, I'm Flittered because the Jewish Telegraph Agency, better known as JTA or in the Twitterverse as @JTANews, has named me one of the Top 50 Most Influential Jewish Twitterers! If that weren't enough, I'm shockingly ranked #5, preceded in excellence by the outstandingly awesome @YLove, of course. I'm blushing, really, I am. In the past few hours, I've had upwards of 40+ new follows. I think it's only good form to follow all the other honorees, so I'll have to get to that post-Shabbos. But right now, I have to say Yasher Koach to my fellow top 50-ers! I can't stop blushing.

@AlizaHausman, @EstherK, @yeahthatskosher, @susqhb, @hebrewzzi, @popjudaica, @diwon, @ModernTribe_Jew, @KosherWineGuy, @weinberg81, @frumsatire, @louismgreen, and @RabbiEE.

Most importantly: I can't wait to tell my rabbi. He'll be kvelling!

NOTE: For those who aren't all up in the Twitterverse, it's a micro-blogging community where your "tweets" are limited to 140 characters. You follow people, they follow you back, and it's a good way to meet new people, to microblog, to network, and more! Everyone from Ice T to Oprah to Ashton Kutcher to Barack Obama is on Twitter. Why aren't you?