Monday, March 14, 2011

Friend Heading to Israel Needs Advice!

Hello faithful blog readers! I have a request and need your advice for a friend.

She's planning on a trip for her 30th birthday. Can you give her some advice on good options? Here are the specs:

  • Travelers will be ages 60, 50, 30, and 18.
  • One person is very interested in religion, and three people less so. 
  • All are interested in art and culture and food.
  • Two people are interested in being active (a modest hike, dead sea).
  • Hotel doesn't have to be kosher.
    • Not five-star, but nothing slummed out.
  • Planning a seven-day trip. Maybe 10 days. 
  • Important: No one speaks Hebrew, and two people read it only so-so. 
    • Would you recommend a tour guide?

So? What's your advice? My only major tip is to devote a ton of time to going to The Israel Museum. It's *amazing.* Oh, and go to Papagaio, it's deliciously meaty and amazing.