Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It Seems I'm Influential in Certain Circles

Yowzers! I haven't posted much lately, and I thought -- silly me! -- that once the full-time gig started that there would be some consistency and calm in my day, perhaps a lunch break where I could sit down and write a blog post! Alas, life is unpredictable and I often forget to get up and go to the bathroom or eat lunch. Truth is, I haven't led this life of a "normal" working girl since 2008. It was a long time coming.

That said, I've got some book reviews and goodies and questions in the queue, so hold your horses.

I did want to mention that the National Jewish Outreach Project announced their first list of Top 10 Jewish Influencers.

Finalists were selected by an expert panel of judges and evaluated based on creative and strategic use of social media to positively impact the Jewish community.  Winners will be listed on the NJOP website, featured on @JewishTweets and invited to participate in 2012 NJOP social media programming. 
“We launched @JewishTweets in March 2008 and from the outset, embraced it for the way it allows us to connect with people everywhere. It has allowed us not only to be heard, but to listen and be inspired by others every day,” said Ephraim Z. Buchwald, founder and director of the National Jewish Outreach Program.  “In particular, we wanted to take time to recognize some of those who are leveraging the power of social media to raise Jewish social consciousness and shine a positive light on Jewish life.

The press release can be read here.

I have to say I'm mad proud of this achievement, mostly because way back when Jewish Tweets was founded, I won their FIRST giveaway of a Jewish Tweets mug! That's some long-term relationship status stuff, right?

Congrats to all the other influencers! (Also: I'm now @TheChaviva, so be sure to update your lists.)