Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Promotional Post!

Every now and again, I have the opportunity as a member of the Clever Girls Collective network to participate in some creative and interesting promotions with the opportunity to win goodies of all varieties. A lot of the time, I pass them up, but this one called upon my creativity and I just had to spend some time messing around with it.

From Cottonelle: We think nothing leaves you feeling fresher and cleaner than using Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care and Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes*. But this two-step, “enhanced clean routing” doesn’t really have a name. So Cottonelle® wants your help: What will you name it?

Here's my attempt -- with a travel theme in mind. What do you think?

or ...

Think you have the creativity it takes? Head over to the Cottonelle "Name It" Contest and see for yourself!

*vs. comparable leading national brand products