Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Hairiest of Hurdles

My first major hurdle as an Israeli, that could be destined to ruin me?


Yes, it sounds trivial. Yes, I'm joking that it's a major hurdle and that it's going to ruin me. But it is a seriously difficult thing to get done in a small shower in a small bathroom with water that's not always warm enough to make for a comforting shaving experience. Also? The women's shaving cream in Israel costs somewhere around $8 a can, and the men's isn't much cheaper, so it's just not worth it. Lotion? Conditioner? I'm exploring my options.

In the U.S., this is the time of year where shaving falls to the wayside and women everywhere sport boots and long skirts (or pants if that's your flavor), so shaving is an unnecessary aspect of life. If only, Israel. If only.

Next? I tackle attempting to find someone to cut my hair in Israel. This will be a truly radical and probably catastrophic experience. It might just happen that I decide to grow my hair out, once and for all.

Can I get married soon so I can just cover it up again? Pretty please?

Here's to shaving wishes and haircutting dreams! (In the voice of Robin Leach.)