Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dangle that modifier!

I'll have to find time to fill in faithful readers about my adventures in Cleveland, Ohio, last week for the 2006 ACES conference. There will be photos, chatter and I'll have to tell you how the talk by the Times-Picayune folks made me feel about what it is that I do. I felt completely de-minimalized, which is something I needed right now.

But for now, I'll say this. I convert in a few days, and I'm exhausted. I haven't really slept much in the past several days and I'm fried. I have a final to write (8 pages) for AmJew Fiction, and I have a presentation at 9:30 in the a.m. for a final in Mass Media & Society. I have work at both jobs tomorrow, and I have to do the Temple bulletin sometime between now and tomorrow. My plan? To finish up here, head to the Temple and do the bulletin, then crash at the DN. I'll shower here in the morning and make the most of the day before passing out in the evening after work. The end is near, and where am I? In the office.

And now, "you were perfect."