Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Swept away

Yes, today I purchased canned gefilte fish. Why? Because I'm a lazy, lazy bum. So we'll see how good this stuff is. If it sucks, well, I'm out five bucks. If it's good, then consider me sold on it for all eternity. I also bought some matzah and lots of fruit and veggies to make this delicious Sephardic salad recipe I happ'd upon. Oh, and a funny about the grocery store. Two funnies, really. First funny is that the store is called "Bag N Save" and it was because you bagged your own groceries, saving the company money. Now, they bag your groceries for you on a little turnstile (a la Wal-Mart). The other funny is that the store is owned by Jews and has a big Kosher food section (big for Nebraska, anyhow) and they had a sign on their door that read "We will be closed for Easter so our employees can observe the holiday" ... funny to me, anyhow.

I'm nearly positive G-d is punishing me for not having mad acne in high school by causing me to have intense one-pimple days like today. I apologize for not being the kid with the pimpled face, but damnit, take it easy on me, will you? My face hurts.

I'm reading Harold Kushner's "Why do bad things happen to good people" and I have to say the rabbi and I agree on pretty much everything. It's a good book, but a little ... well ... wordy. Repetitive and such.

Anyhow. Consider this adjourned.