Thursday, April 13, 2006

Passover Seder: Evening No. 1

Happy Passover! Or can you really say that? I mean, it's a fairly bittersweet holiday -- thanking G-d for passing over the houses of Jews, but there's also the fact that it put us in exile. So do you say "happy?"

Anyhow, first night seder was pretty amazing. There were around 20 folks who showed up to Seaton Hall for the evening, which consisted of a slackily read haggadah and no wine (but sparkling grape juice). The meal was large and consisted of a few of the following items ... gefilte fish, oriental salada (a sephardic dish made by moi), apple farfel kugel and the run-o-the-mill seder plate goods. There was an excess amount of charoset (which I couldn't find any good pictures of), and it was quite delicious with the matazah. There also was a few horseradish varities to choose from, and the desserts varied from jelly chocolate things to cake to ... you name it. Anyhow, it was a pretty amazing meal with good friends, good company, songs, and the abbreviated haggadah also was quite the treat!

Tomorrow is a trip to Omaha with the Lincoln/Omaha Jews for a seder up yonder. I'm pretty stoked about it, quite frankly.