Thursday, May 3, 2007

A diversion. Pardon me.

You never know how lonely you can get until the person you love, who you've been living with for just under two months, leaves the state for four days to go two time zones away.

I've known Ian for nearly 3 years (it will be "officially" 3 as of May 14/15 -- I responded to a LiveJournal post of his on the 14th, but he didn't respond to me until the 15th), and I've been (finally) living with him almost two months, though it feels like years. Maybe that's because it's all this kindred spirits finally coming together stuff. You know, that person you always knew you'd be with and that you've always wanted to marry, now just right next to you.

Did I mention he cooks? Not just cooks though. He'll make chicken parmigiana and the most delicious mashed potatoes and perfectly seasoned chicken. Brilliant, he is. And I smile more when he's around. I'm more awake and alive. I'm more excited.

I typically get off work around 5:45 and take the quickest possible route home to get to him. Tonight? I pudded around. Went to the store. Went to Staples. Took the long way to the bus. And here I've been since about 8 p.m. Lame-ola. Time just sits still, I guess. It's how I felt in D.C. Alone and aimless.

Boo to that I say. So I'll wait till Sunday. I guess. Man, I got attached really quick.