Friday, May 18, 2007

On B'Midbar (that's wilderness, folks).

The Torah was given to the people of Israel in the ownerless desert. For if it were given in the Land of Israel, the residents of the Land of Israel would say, "It is ours"; and if it were given in some other place, the residents of that place would say, "It is ours." Therefore it was given in the wilderness, so that anyone who wishes to acquire it may acquire it.

(Mechilta D'Rashbi)

I think that just about sums it up. The census taken has some fun traditions to it (such as that the number of Israelites equates to the number of letters in Torah, thus expressing that without one Israelite the mission cannot be accomplished, much like the absence of a letter in a scroll renders the Torah scroll unfit.) I'm finding it harder and harder to focus. Perhaps I need a new venue, or maybe my (not-diagnosed) ADD is getting the best of me.

Shalom, and may you be ever so excited and eager for Shavuot!