Friday, September 28, 2007

To Italy, Bon voyage.

Tomorrow, in the early evening, the boyfriend and I leave for Italy, and we arrive Saturday.

We'll be in Padova (Padua) Saturday night and all day Sunday, after which we'll head to Venice for Monday and Tuesday. We return to Chicago on Wednesday. It's a short trip, but one that I am hoping will lighten me and make me feel a little more worldly. I feast on history, and I am going to a true hub of some of the greatest locations and moments in history.

In Padova, I plan on visiting the areas where Jews migrated in the 12th century. Then, in Venice, I am stoked to visit the old Jewish ghetto. Of course, there's a million other things I look forward to seeing, but I know that this will only make me more stoked to hit up Israel.

History! History, my friends. It's beautiful, it's absolutely divine.

Here's to hoping my first international voyage goes well, without a hitch, that we don't forget anything, that we make our flights, that my presentation goes off swimmingly, that the Italians understand me, that it's all meant to be.

And most importantly, that we travel safely. So I say the traveler's prayer. Cheers to you all friends, and look out for pictures!