Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feeling like home.

My best bud Annie and her beau (that's fiance to you folks!) Ben came to Storrs today to check out my new digs and see a little smidgin of campus (they live just a hop, skip, and a jump away in Hartford). We got lunch, walked around a bit, and then they took me grocery shopping because they are AWESOME. I ended up with some jelly, crackers, microwave-friendly items, juice, oatmeal and more. Essentially, enough to last me when the snack-style hunger comes. But before we went shopping, we spent some quality time with the Huskie dog, Jonathan.

And my personal favorite, Ben on his mighty steed.

I think the greatest thing about B&A is that I've been able to watch their relationship progress since Day 1 since I was there. That makes me happy :) Stoked to see them get hitched in October, just after Yom Kippur, too!