Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Koogle: The Kosher Search Engine!

A hearty hat tip to @ezrabutler, in his infinite wisdom, for Tweeting this.

For those of you wanting to make sure your Googling is going the route of all that's kosher and modest, there's a new search engine out there for you. And it's named after one of my favorite, favorite, favorite Jewish treats: Koogle! And don't worry, just click on the proud U.S. flag in the upper righthand corner for your English viewing pleasure. From NeatORama.com:
Orthodox jews are restricted from surfing the web in case they run across religiously questionable and sexually explicit materials. But Koogle, a search engine launched by Yossi Altman, may change all that:
Yossi Altman said Koogle, a play on the names of a Jewish noodle pudding and the ubiquitous Google, appears to meet the standards of Orthodox rabbis, who restrict use of the Web to ensure followers avoid viewing sexually explicit material.
The site, at www.koogle.co.il, omits religiously objectionable material, such as most photographs of women which Orthodox rabbis view as immodest, Altman said.
Its links to Israeli news and shopping sites also filter out items most ultra-Orthodox Israelis are forbidden by rabbis to have in their homes, such a television sets.
"This is a kosher alternative for ultra-Orthodox Jews so that they may surf the Internet," Altman said by telephone.
This is something to kvell about, folks!

(Note: Koogle is also the name of a peanut butter marketed by Kraft in the 70s, it appears. Even more laugh-out-loud worthy!)