Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coolest. Chanukah. Gift. EVER!

I picked the worst time possible to start re-blogging post-hiatus, mostly because I'm in the midst of finals. Although I'm not as stressed this year as in year's past, I'm still feeling the crunch. Hebrew and Ancient Jewish Fictions are finalized tomorrow, and Midrashic Literature is all due by Friday at 9 a.m. Add to this a stack of Bible exams I'll be grading, and by the time Monday roles around I'll be ready to drop. The upside to the madness is that soon I'll have about a month off with nothing to do but edit, read, exercise, and contemplate life's mysteries. Oh, and blog about my Israel trip and everything else that's been spinning around in my noggin.

So for some light reading (and easy blogging) today, I'd like to share with you one of the Chanukah gifts I picked up for Tuvia. Never fear, he already opened it -- and he loved it! I am the ultimate gift giver, what can I say.

The story behind this nifty Lego toy is amusing. Tuvia and I have lamented our current and future situation in the community, seeing as that I live on campus and he lives in a city other than that which our shul is in. The houses in the community are exceedingly expensive, and depending on where I happen to get into graduate school (more on that later), we might be moving next summer. Of course, we're not even married (or engaged) at this point because of the lack of conversion, but we've formulated a plan on how to make it work: The RV. Yes, the time-tested and true method of Americana living in dire straights, the rolling vehicle in which one can make a home and a Shabbos dinner. We promised our rabbi that -- after we're (g-d willing) married, and if we can't find a place in the community, we'll find a way to make it work. That means procuring (if necessary) a Shabbos Mobile in the form of an RV that can sleep many, feed more, and situate us right next to the shul. Talk about the coolest plan EVER. So I got this little RV for Tuvia, just in case the plan doesn't happen. This way, he'll always have his dream (mini-)Shabbos RV.

Happy Chanukah, friends!