Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guest Post? Anyone? Bueller?

I'm looking for some knowledgable folks on the following topics, because, well, they're things I'm curious about and know nothing about. I'd be happy (really happy) to reserve your identity if its a topic that would cause you undue harm to speak openly about said topic. Or maybe you're a guy who knows a guy and thus can talk about some of these. Just let me know. Mmk? Mmk.

  • Same-sex couples: how do they handle the laws of ta'harat ha'mishpacha? For women, dealing with mikvah, for men, not having mikvah as a normative activity. I'd be curious about covering (for women), tallit traditions for men, etc. 
  • Community standards and the halakot. I know plenty about what's what, although I'm a little lacking on the halakot specifics on many things (I'm smart enough to know that a lot of what people think is halakah actually is community standard), but I want to hear someone else's perspective on the issue. 
  • The halakot of hair covering, the varieties therein, and why the "Captain Jack Sparrow" is so normative (how on earth can I learn to tell when women have a fall on underneath their Captain Jack -- which, I also now am willing to call the "Bret Michaels" [see photo above if you don't get it]). 
If you're willing to blog about anything you might rock my readers' minds, just let me know. I'm doing this show solo, but I'd love to get some different opinions on all things Jewish.