Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update: The Katz Family Torah!

I wrote -- not that long ago -- about a a sefer Torah that my dear husband found while organizing a family member's house. The sefer needed some work, and we were overwhelmed by the cost, so I put out a call to my readers and friends to help us fund the repair work that will run us anywhere between $2,100 to $3,400.

I was amazed at the instant reaction. We had five donors give $263, and, to our utter happiness, a family member has agreed to foot the rest of the bill. We're fixing up the sefer, replacing the etz chayim, and getting a new mantel for it, too. We're trying to find a way to store it in the new house, because we haven't had luck finding a local shul to take it on. Again, if anyone in the NY-NJ-CT-PA area needs one for their shul, still, let us know!

And THANK YOU so much to those who donated to this amazing mitzvah.