Monday, July 18, 2011

An Addition to the Family!

Okay, sorry for those of you who nearly had a heart attack. I'm not with child! However ...

When I was a kid, I had hamsters. There was an incident with some cheetos once, and I'm hoping not to repeat that again. Evidently Tuvia appreciates my ability to not kill animals, because I came home Thursday night to -- yes, you guessed it -- a hamster!

We spent most of Friday debating the name -- Tuvia wanting Geveret, me tossing between Soferet and Chickpea and a host of other names suggested by my Twitter and Facebook friends. As of Shabbos dinner Friday, we hadn't picked a name, so I tasked our guests Ally/David and Syuzanna/Peter with helping us name our new little girl.

Still? No luck.

And then, at some point, I can't even remember how, Rachav came up. Yes, that Rachav, the one from Joshua who was known as the illustrious harlot, woman of the night, innkeeper and so on. But to me, Rachav is a heroine, worthy of some seriously great praise because, well, without her, the conquest would never have happened and the Israelites (and subsequently Jews) might never have survived, thrived, and grown. I wrote about her before, in case you're questioning my motives.

She buried herself to sleep ... and even built a moat! With an alligator!

Now? I just need to get her a red cord ...