Sunday, July 17, 2011

In the Pool: Modest and Cozy

Ahh, summer days. By the pool. Healthy summer beverage in hand (in this case a Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice). A breeze blowing just strongly enough to keep me cool. Comfortable swimsuit, too.

I never thought this could be something I'd enjoy. Honestly, ever since that time at the Belmon Pool back in middle school when this kid Jon (yes I remember his last name, but I'm not posting it) scarred me for life by saying "beached whale" and singing the Butterball Turkey jingle to me. I don't think I went back to the pool after that, at least not a public pool. There were hotel pools, but I even steered clear of those. My mom had a knack for taking tons of pictures of my young, oversized frame in the worst of lights. And swim lessons? Psshaw. I was 10 when those started and let's just say I hated (is that a strong enough word?) them.

As you'll hear in the vlog below, I've always hated swimming and swimsuits, mostly because I never found something that looked good on me and made me feel good inside. I was always the beached whale that that little jerk Jon saw me as during my formative years. Now? Well, let's just say the problem is solved, and I can't wait to take this puppy to the beach! (Or to the gym for that matter, this is also workout worthy.)

Swimsuit Care Instructions are here. And did I mention that some of the suits have material that is Ultra Chlorine Resistant?

For you, my lovely readers, simply enter KVETCH for an 8 percent discount at checkout! Also, if you're in the Teaneck area, they have a vendor who stocks the product and you can skip the S&H and pick your suit up there, just let me know, and I'll give you her information!

(And to those of you who want to think that I'm only giving HydroChic a positive review because I got this swimsuit on the free, well, you can you know what my fashionable swimsuited self. I really love this suit, and I couldn't be happier with it!)