Monday, July 25, 2011

An Explanation of My Header

Someone pointed out to me that there's a misspelling in my header here on the blog, and it's funny, because it was the first time some pointed it out to me. So lest you all think that I can't spell, I have to explain. In the header, it says that this blog is "A Practical Guide to the Perpetually Underconstruction Neshama of the Kvetching Editor."

For those of you keeping score at home, usually it's "under-construction" or "under construction," so why exactly did I spell it as one word? Being the editor that I am?

I wrote a blog post about this philosophy on By any other name ... back in 2008, and I've noted the idea of Underconstructionist Judaism many times, most recently in my own response to The Tzniut Project. There are a lot more posts where I reference this philosophy, too.

The idea is that all Jews should be moving, flowing, questioning, and searching, never settling. Jews should be under construction, always.

Thus, in my header, it's a play on words. Capiche!?