Monday, April 23, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened ...

Sometimes funny things happen and it's just worth sharing. So ... I was at Whole Foods today picking up the weekly supply of bananas and other goodies when, during checkout, the following conversation(s) took place.
  • Bagger: Thanks for bringing the watermelon! (spins the melon up and down his arms)
    • Me: Do you ever drop it and disappoint your customers?
  • Bagger: Nope! And I'd never disappoint you!
(woman behind me spills blueberries all over the floor and bagger runs to get a broom)
  • Checker: What is this?
    • Me: A yucca I think? It's my first time buying it.
  • Checker: *mumbles*
    • Me: I said it's my first time buying it.
  • Checker: No, I said have you ever tasted it.
    • Me: Nope, I like to be adventurous with my vegetables.
(something transpires, but I forget how we get to this point)
    • Me: So, is Maxary even a real name?
  • Checker: Yes, is your name a real name?
    • Me: Chaviva? Yeah, it's Hebrew.
  • Checker: Well, so is mine. Maxary ben Moishe (he even says it this way).
    • Me: Oh ... um ... well, isn't that interesting. 
  • Bagger: My last name has Jewish origins. At least, according to a guy in the drive through. When Gonzalez is spelled with an "s."
    • Me: Oh yeah, totally. Sephardic origins, like Gutierrez. 
  • Checker: My name isn't really a Jewish name. It's just Max. 
    • Me: I figured as much ... 
(bagger finishes bagging my things)
  • Checker: Well, have a good rest of your Shabbos!
Hilarious. It had me giggling all the way to my car ...