Monday, December 17, 2007

A break from Jewish things, sort of?

So over the past several days, I've had some random thoughts/experiences that are quintessentially Amanda/Chavi, that I thought I'd share. So enjoy these morsels of Manda!

1) I went to see "Juno" the other night, and while waiting for the ticket time to roll around (since the original show was sold-out, I went for a later showing), I walked past Bath and Body Works. Now, when I was in high school, this was THE place we hit at the mall, at every visit, without fail. It was a popular place to get gifts and things, too. But, now, when I go in and pick up bottles of lotion and body butter, I sniff with delight and frown. I know that I will never, ever be able to buy Bath and Body Works stuff -- that is, until my immune system stops working so well. You see, I have eczema, which has plagued me most of my life and is mostly on my legs and arms. It's the most irritating, unfortunate, frustrating ailment to have. It keeps me from wearing shorts and most capris, not to mention that it's probably the one thing that makes me more self-conscious more than anything else. However, the moment my immune system starts slowing down, I won't be so itchy and the eczema will slowly fade away. It's a double-edged sword, you know? I'll be able to lather myself with Brown Sugar Delight or whatever, but I'll also be getting older and probably sick more often. Sigh.

2) The best thing about being single -- and I will always, always believe this -- is that you don't have to shave. Now, if this is TMI, I apologize oh world of the Internet. But it's one of those things that you often take for granted, but believe me, with the schedule I have, I don't exactly have the oomph at 7 a.m. to get my shave on. Amen for not having anyone to impress.

3) I hate shopping for boots. I went out today to get boots, and ended up walking more than 3 1/2 miles throughout the Loop, Downtown and Lincoln Park/Lakeview. I went to more stores than I can count. I wanted some boots that are like the UGGs, but not costing five million dollars. I walked past the UGG store, and two people came walking out saying "Can you believe there's an hour wait JUST to try on shoes!?" Seriously, no thank you. But the only shoes I could find had ridiculous heals and no comfy insides, not to mention that you have to have this perfect calf size and if you don't, forget boots that rise above your ankles. In wintertime, why the heck do you want to wear heels? Why do you not want squishy, comfy insides? Am I missing something? Eventually, I found some boots close to home and for super cheap. Thank you Nine West.

4) I love, LOVE wintertime. Mind you, I walked around in some really uncomfortable shoes today with soak-and-wet socks that made me feel like I was getting frostbite, but it was completely doable to be able to be out and about in downtown Chicago watching people ooh and ahh over the Macy's department store display of the Nutcracker in its store windows. There was music playing from stores over outdoor speaker systems, random people preaching the end of the world, and the talented bucket drummer boys, not to mention this middle-aged white guy with a drum kit outside the Payless Shoesource (I mention him because on his drum kit it said "SHALOM" in Hebrew!). It was truly a beautiful day, though. Kids everywhere and people spending up the wazoo.

5) I was supposed to have my first volunteer experience (since high school) today. I got all prepped to donate some time at a home for battered women and their children. The setup was that we volunteers were to play with the kids while their moms got counseling. I was seriously stoked, so much so, that I even took a cab there so I wouldn't be late! Then I arrive and as I walked up to the building in the sludge and snow, a friendly looking fellow in dreds said, "Are you one of the volunteers?" to which I responded "Yes." He then informed me that the event was canceled! NOOOO!!!! I was so psyched to start filling my time and giving back, but it was thwarted. So now I need to find some other events to help out with, by golly.

6) People who go to the movie theater must not have issues with being touched and/or bumped into accidentally. To the guy who freaked out and yelled obsenities at me as he ran to the bathroom because I was consistently in his way, I guess (despite my best efforts of "excuse me" and "I'm sorry"): Please, Please don't come back to the movie theater ever again until you stop hating the world.

7) Meeting new people is the bee's knees. I have vowed to become much more active and social. I started this weekend at a housewarming party where I enjoyed some Woodchuck Cider and free pizza, not to mention the homemade carrot cake. It's hopefully the start to some new friendships and activities.