Monday, December 31, 2007

I couldn't help myself.

Okay, so sometimes when I find a musician I absolutely fall in love with, I don't tell anyone. I sit idle and enjoy them secretly like really good cookies or a tub of ice cream, you know? I just want to enjoy and indulge myself before they hit the big time and then everyone's like "OMG I LOVE THEM" and that special feeling goes away. Because sure enough, the music industry is like that. Once everyone knows about them, bam, they're all corporate and over produced and it's just depressing (*cough* Rilo Kiley *cough*) and you're forced to listen to the old tunes with a feeling of nostalgia.

So here she is. Her name is Adele, and she's from South London and her voice is ... absolutely tantalizing. It's so unique (some say she sounds like Amy Winehouse, but I think Adele's voice is softer and more pure), and I've been listening to her few available songs on repeat tonight. They're incredibly empowering, flowing, beautiful. Just beautiful. So please, give her a listen. Check out her MySpace page and her songs/interview over on the BBC, and when her album comes out, best buy it, or I'll be sure to give you the one-two!