Sunday, March 30, 2008

Four Hundred Posts -- Hoor-ah!

Well, folks. This is my 400th post! I've been blogging for two years on this account (though I had many incarnations of a Livejournal blog since around 1998 or 99). That's a pretty good tally, I'd say, considering that I'm much more active now than I was a few years ago, I think.

It's also the perfect post to say that I hope each and every one of you are observing Earth Hour. I clicked over to today (I'm using the Firefox 3 Beta 4, which unfortunately Google toolbar is not compatible with -- yet) and for a moment was worried something was wrong with my computer. But it's pretty snazzy. So check it out before the day is done! My intention was to go out and enjoy the darkness, so I put on my coat and grabbed my camera and headed outside, and I walked about a half a block and turned around and came home. I was pretty upset; no lights out. I mean, I know most people don't care and a lot don't know, but I was hoping for a little bit of darkness. So I came back in, lit my candles, and am running on battery power here for at least the next 20 minutes. I thought I'd share a photo of what the living space looks like, if, of course, we were to revert to a lack of electricity (okay, okay, this doesn't count the laptop, but I can't read in such dim light!).

So happy Earth Hour, save the planet, and YAY for having 400 posts -- even if this 400th post is a little self-serving :)