Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shabbos Watch!

So after last Shabbat, when I realized I had no idea what time it was -- ever -- because I rely so heavily on my iPod or cellular phone. So after feeling moronic asking the time (who does that in this digital age where everything you own tells time), I decided I needed to buy a watch. I went to Target, and made sure to call Kosher Academic to make sure there weren't any special watch restrictions on Shabbat, and then I bought a watch -- albeit, one I didn't even like.

So I was thinking about it and realized that I've watched a Swatch watch since winter 2003 when my freshman honors seminar visited Washington D.C. You see, in Union Station there was this Swatch store and man oh man I fell in love. But I had no just cause for spending the money on a nice watch -- I had my cell phone. So now, now I have just cause! And it's sort of a celebratory note for heading down the path of Shomer Shabbos. I always wanted a crazy, hip watch and they had one that felt so light that you could barely tell it was there ... but I couldn't bring myself to drop a 100 bucks for it. Especially because the face had no numbers, and I haven't worn a watch in, well, years and years and years. So this is the one I ended up with:

Interestingly, the woman at the store was Jewish, and we were discussing observance and stuff and she became mesmerized at the fact that I'd converted on my own accord and not for a guy. I love getting that reaction :) I love having done this for me, gall darn't! Anyhow, it was nice to run into a Jew on my Shabbos watch shopping adventure.