Friday, April 25, 2008

Buy My Books!

Hey hey there. So, while uploading ISBNs to to make some stellar swaps (two made already!), I realized -- wait a second. Aren't I trying to PURGE myself of books?

I mean, I'm keeping all my non-fiction for purely academic purposes, but I have a lot of books that are just sitting idle. And if I really want them in the future, well, I can just repurchase them. So I've decided that while listing them on SwapTree, I'm also putting them up on the chopping block at to see if I can sell, rather than swap, them.

So go to MY STOREFRONT and see if you're interested. I'm basically selling things for a flat $5. You'll get lots of Chavi's love and care with every book I sell :) Also? You're funding my Jewish education. And also also? I'm going to be listing more, so look out!