Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I love Sephardi food!!

I can't lie -- I love everything about Pesach. I love what it means, I love the seders, I love the freedom from chametz, I love the food. So what better for me to do (while still formulating my Ortho seder post) than to post what I had for dinner!

For starters, today for lunch I had a salad, matzo pizza (cheese!) and some cottage cheese and fruit. It was a filling meal, and aside from making a big mess in the microwave at work, it hit the spot. I could eat matzo pizza 24/7, no lie. So for dinner I wanted to do the Sephardic Spicy Fish in Red Sauce recipe from's eating light section, with potato kugel and a salad. I got home super late (I hate not having the ride home from Kosher Academic! I seriously owe her for that kindness), and was pretty hungry. The anticipation of waiting an hour for the kugel sort of deflated me, so I started the fish and planned for that with a salad.

I chopped the garlic, the tomatoes, the red pepper, the parsley and cleaned the fish. I started up the cooking and was actually really proud of myself for creating something so appetizing. I had different paper bowls with each of the chopped ingredients and threw them in at the recipe's request. Finally, I topped the ingredients with the salmon.

I let it cook, put together the salad, and poured a cup of my Kosher l'Pesach Coca-Cola -- a one-time treat over this week. And the final meal setup?

The fish, it was so good! But you see, I omitted the hot peppers because, well, I couldn't find them, actually. And the dish was definitely missing the hot peppers. It wasn't very spicy, but it was still damn good. I'm thinking that I might have needed the sauce to cook a little longer, but I didn't want to overcook the fish, so I pulled it off right as the fish was absolutely, ABSOLUTELY perfect.
So the potato kugel is in the oven, so I can take some tomorrow. We're having a staff lunch -- how appropriate, nu? During Pesach. Free food and I can't partake. Yargh! And next? Some of the delicious, delicious lemon ice cream I made -- also a recipe from I'm telling you folks, easiest thing to make, and most delicious at that. And it isn't lemon ice, it's actually creamy and it's also from the cooking light portion!

Happy eating, friends. Chag sameach!