Friday, August 28, 2009

A Kosher Stumbling Block ...

I learned a new hardship of kashrut today.

While walking through BJ's (the big-box store like CostCo or Sam's Club) for some necessities (and some non-necessities like Dunkaroos, a delicious snack of cookies and frosting from my childhood that happens to be kosher), I was accosted by the "chefs" dishing out food. Now, a few of the options were kosher -- MorningStar Burgers? Yes. But G-d knows what else they made in that little oven/grill thing they were using. Not that I like MorningStar Burgers. But I'd never really thought about it before. There are, indeed, situations where there are people shoving food at you in a public arena, and some of those folks are elderly and they're pushy like Bubbe and you really just want to grab a nosh to get a grin and a cheek-pinch. But no, you can't. So what did I do?

I ignored the cute little old people shoving otherwise kosher food at me. I kept my eyes on the prize. The Dunkaroos in my cart.