Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Flashback!

I promise there's a RH post to come, but I will write it only once my face is looking better. It's put me in a crappy place having my face all bludgeoned up with hives and what have you. Luckily, I'm on prednisone now and hopefully my face will chipper up quickly.

But I thought I'd entertain you all in the meantime with an early photo of me. I suppose this photo might be an indication of my future almost-frummie lifestyle. Weird, isn't it? This is Freshman Homecoming, circa ... 1998 I think?

Yes, that's crushed velvet and a long, velvet black skirt. And that hair? I had that my entire life, until about 2001 when I chopped it all off. What a relief! And the guy next to me with the glasses and the black/white shirt and black pants is my older brother. Let's just say he looks nothing like that now. I think I resemble myself, right?

Happy trails!

EDIT: Just for kicks, here's me a mere year later!