Monday, October 26, 2009

Chavi Appleseed

Today the shul setup a young adults and kids outing to go apple picking, and to be honest I was pretty disappointed in the turnout. Luckily, Tuvia and I convinced one of our most awesome friends to come at the last moment, and she even managed to bring her wee one with her. I was hoping for more representation from the young adults group (we're the folks that have the most in common and tend to be the most observant of the crowd at shul), but I shouldn't complain. For my first time apple-picking, it was outstanding. We picked up two bags worth of apples, half of which we donated to a local homeless shelter. I'm hoping they make some gnarly apple crisp out of them. Here are just some of the photos from the trip out to Ellington, Connecticut. Enjoy!

I really love this photo. Yes, it's a half-rotted apple still dangling from the tree, but it screams "Gan Eden."

Tuvia enjoys showing off by grabbing the highest apple from the tallest tree. (Irony: He hates apples.)

This is classic New England: crisp and cool fall foliage painted with church steeples in white.

And lastly, Chavi takes a bite out of crime ... er ... fresh off-the-vine apples!

Note: I had a lot of REALLY CUTE photos of Evan with one of the wee lasses, as well as plenty of the wee ones gnawing on apples right off the vine, but for the sake of privacy and the curtailment of cute on the intertubes, you'll have to check out my Facebook or Flickr albums.