Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Things Spinning in My Noggin.

Sometimes, the mind wanders.

  • Although I am an editor, I never edit my own work. I'm a write it, hand it in (or blog it) kind of person. This is probably not the best way to function, and it's gotten me into some amusing circumstances, without a doubt. But all I ask of you, my readers, is to forgive me my errors!
  • Everyone keeps asking me whether I'm going to cover my hair after I'm married, and the answer, as I've said before, is YES! There are no sheitels in my immediate future, but there are definitely hats and scarves in the near future.
  • Tuvia and I got a Wii. I'm hoping that, maybe, I'll get my workout on and look svelte and beautiful come wedding time.
  • I recently have become completely obsessed with the show "Big Love." I mean, yes, it's about a very right-wing end of the old school of the LDS church, but it's got some damn fine acting and fascinating storylines. It does, however, make me wonder if there are any polygamy observers around the corner ... 
  • Last week in class, someone said the following, and I think it can stand on its own: "Jesus was a rabid Zionist." I'm rocking a huge grin, by the way.
  • I think the iPad is a waste of time, money, and energy. And I think the name is absolutely RIDICULOUS.
My mind has been a'jumble in the past few weeks. I keep wanting to sit down and write hefty posts about Judaism and observance and how I feel sort of "floaty" these days, but it didn't happen. It hasn't happened. I'm not saying I feel a void, but what I am saying is that I feel a bank of air between myself and many of the things going on around me. It's weird, and it's uncomfortable. Also, it's difficult to put into words. As you can see.

At any rate, at least I have snow. Lots of snow. Snow makes me giddy, and it makes everything better.