Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Am Immensely Sorry.

Never in  my life have I felt as violated (save one incident) as I do right now. I preach how awesome Social Media and Web 2.0 is, and I become a victim of it. Just a few weeks ago, a world renowned Judaic Studies scholar was a victim of it. No one is immune, not even those of us who religiously change passwords, keep to the letter of the law.

I am immensely sorry -- to EVERYONE -- who received emails or calls from me over Shabbat. The fact that someone hacked my account on Shabbat should have been a serious note to anyone about how ridiculous it was. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed, and I am so sorry that it happened.

I only hope that you all can forgive me this horrible infraction on my person. I feel really, I honestly do have tears in my eyes about this. I feel so, so, so violated.