Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Power of Image (and Public Power LLC)

At SXSW Interactive last month, I had the pleasure of attending a keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk (Vay-ner-chuk, that is), who co-owns and serves as director of operations of Wine Library (not to mention his stellar wine knowledge espousing on Wine Library TV). He is probably the most intense member of the Tribe -- nay, human being -- I have ever seen, and it works. I mean, it really works. It even translates in book form, and thanks to a quick Twitter connection, I nabbed a copy of his book "Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion," I'm ready to quit everything and focus on my passion.

And then I remembered! I really am doing what I'm passionate about. I'm just not making any money doing it! That's the hard part, but the words of wisdom (and FORCE with which they're offered in his book) have me hopeful. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying for a book deal (right).

I'm really intrigued by Gary's story and how successful he's been, and I'm particularly impressed with a venture, VaynerMedia, which helps to positively brand individuals and companies. One of those companies? A local venture called Public Power LLC! I've heard their commercials on the radio, seen some commercials on TV, and I finally ended up on their website. After all, there's the power company, and that's about it, right? Not so! Here's what their website says:
Since 2008, Public Power has been the leading licensed electricity supplier, headquartered in Connecticut, saving your friends and neighbors millions of dollars. We are also licensed to offer similar sevices in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.
We are focused on being the best and most conscientious customer service company in the industry. That’s our mission and we’re committed to excellence. We probably can’t solve every problem or satisfy every last customer but we’re sure going to try!
Basically, their goal is to lower your electric bill. They even transfer the service for you, so you don't have to call up your electric company. You'll still get your bill from the Utility Company, but the rate will be lower. Then, the Utility Company pays Public Power LLC. And that, folks is an easy way to save money by doing nothing (after all, you're using that electricity anyway, right?). Maybe their Twitter description will be a little more to-the-point:
Our Goal: To provide a cost-efficient and convenient service to our customers and to do what deregulation was created for - save you money.
Thanks to their mad Social Media skills (which, of course, is a boon to their name and customer service), you can find them on Facebook, too. Are you down with them? Use them? Interested? Let me know.

I am in talks with the fiance about switching to Public Power as we speak! Don't hold your breath, if you're in their coverage area, switch. Saving money is necessary these days. The money you could save on your electricity could pay for something pretty for your special lady or gentleman.

I mean, if NHL Hall of Famer Phil Esposito is down with the Public Power LLC, shouldn't you be, too?