Monday, October 11, 2010

A Break for the Hilarious!

Last week, I met up for some delicious University Pita (which, by the way, had the best schwarma I've ever had) with bestie Marissa, followed by a jaunt around the library to nab a book (and I ended up checking out the wrong one, believe it or not). We took a break in front of the gigantic board of advertisements and notices that people post in the library, and among the language teaching ads and the bible study group posters, there was this. This, which made us laugh hysterically and kept us giggling for minutes on end. We couldn't help but nab it and disperse it to the world. So here, for my 7 percent non-Judaics related posts, is a moment of hilarity.

The funny thing is that there were multiple posters posted, and the name was spelled "Eon" and "Ian" at random. I just like the funny comments posted and the look on the face of the kid. In truth, I think this poster is a joke. I dare you to call the number and find out :) I know some of you must have b'nai mitzvah coming up, right?!

And now? Back to our regularly scheduled program ...