Friday, May 25, 2012

A Shavuot Note and Roundup

Well, Shavuot is upon us and with the three-day chag, I couldn't be more excited. It's a chance to swing into Shabbat and recommit to your Jewish self and the Jewish people over Shavuot. All while consuming dairy. Yes, I've been rocking a largely vegan lifestyle at home, but after my quick trip to Boston (details forthcoming) to participate in an exciting conversation about Birthright NEXT with the Schusterman Foundation, I have to say my diet hasn't been so stellar. Dairy has been partaken of, so I'm going to continue the trend.

I'm spending the next three-four days up in Vail, Colorado, with Minyan Na'aleh for a Shavuaton experience, and I'm super stoked. As I sourced before, you know I'm going to be teaching about Rachav (Rahab), the Rabbis' Convert. As such, and if you want some Shavuot reading, feel free to download and read my take on this prized convert.

If you're in the mood for some Huffington Post, check out this piece I wrote last night that got posted today: On Shavuot, Recommitting to the Convert. If you're a reader of Makor Rishon, a right-wing Israeli newspaper, check out their section on Shavuot -- you'll find a story with me in it. (If I can find a link/translation, I'll post it.)

And, if you're interested, there's an article by Haaretz that highlights not only my story, but also that of the illustrious Leah Jones. Unfortunately the link is dead, but hopefully it will end up online here.

With that, friends, I hope that you find honey and milk under your tongue (Exodus 4:11) this Shavuot. Learn, live, breathe, and embrace all that HaShem has given you.