Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Halachic Inquiry

Tap tap ... this thing on?


Hello out there in listener/reader land! If you can find me halachos on mezuzah for "pocket doors," I will owe you one delicious coffee beverage of your choice upon our next chance encounter.




Oh, and in case you have no idea what a pocket door is, it's that door that is a door but it slides INTO the wall. So it's not exactly a sliding door, because for all intents and purposes it disappears into the wall and makes it look as if there is no door to begin with.

Okay, okay ... so you want to know why I'm asking? The local Jewish museum (which is awesome, by the way) has several pocket doors without mezuzot on them, which struck me as odd because I, myself, at home (where there is, in fact, a pocket door leading to my bedroom) have placed a mezuzah. Thus I was left wondering if there's something the Mizel Museum knows that I don't. Someone said that because the door pulls across to become a wall, it doesn't need a mezuzah because walls don't ... get ... mezuzahs. Yeah. But it has all the trappings of a typical doorway! So what gives!?