Thursday, August 16, 2012

McKayla Is Not Impressed: Giveaway!

Hatin' on Sharpies. Don't tell Mayim. She loves Sharpies. 

Because I can't get enough of the hilarity that is McKayla Is Not Impressed -- the only good thing to come out of the Olympics, if you ask me --  I decided to create a few of my own images.

We'll call this one Independence Shmendependence. 

I'm guessing she could part the Reed Sea in her SLEEP! Duh. 

So Orpah up and decided to ditch the fam'. 
So what you're all "Your people, my people." Pssh. Whatever.

Your task: Create a McKayla Isn't Impressed using this image (it's transparent, so go crazy) with a Jewish theme, post it online and link to it in the comments. I'll pick the two that make me giggle with utter joy the most and send you a few books from my collection -- from the likes of Chabon, Vonnegut, Geraldine Brooks, Roth, and more!

If you choose to accept this mission, you have until Monday, August 20 at 9 a.m. (Which is about how long I have before I finally get a break from the insane work schedule I've been keeping.) Ready, set, go!

(And if you can't figure out how to upload your photo someplace and share it here, just email it to me and I'll take care of the details.)

And if you're confused about what's going on, it's a meme. Go read about it.